About the CSCB project.

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The SEKE toolkit is being developed as part of the Creative Students, Creating Business (CSCB) project by the University of Portsmouth.

The CSCB project is researching, developing and testing models of teaching and learning where students are engaged with external organisations, referred to as Student Engagement in Knowledge Exchange (SEKE).

The CSCB project, which runs until the end of July 2022, is one of 20 SEKE projects in UK Universities awarded funding by the Office for Students and UK Research and Innovation.

CSCB brings the University of Portsmouth's Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries and the Faculty of Business and Law together to work collaboratively on both research and the production of a practical toolkit for the UK Higher Education sector, that improves SEKE outcomes for students, academics and external organisations.

Researching 100 projects across over 30 modules from the 2 faculties, this ambitious project will involve some 600 students and 200 KE actors (i.e. external organisations and UoP academics). A SEKE project is defined as one or more students, supported by a tutor, engaging with a project from an external client.

100 +
SEKE Projects
30 +
100 +
KE Actors
600 +

Project Strands

Primary research involving 100 SEKE projects.

Secondary research into the literature and practices of SEKE.

Development of a Toolkit for HE sector to help others create and enhance their SEKE projects.

From the research, we are identifying good practices in SEKE, enablers to their realisation, and success factors that lead to benefits for students, academics and external organisations.

The research is also identifying common barriers to effective SEKE learning. CSCB will consider factors beyond the classroom such as improvements to student recruitment, employment, and supporting diversity. We are also improving SEKE practice by drawing on the experiences and skills of the academics involved in the teaching of SEKE modules.

This work, alongside the research, will contribute towards the development of a new toolkit, building on identified good resources and practices that support effective SEKE. Ultimately, CSCB will focus on providing practical tools that help students, academics and external organisations to participate in mutually beneficial SEKE learning, in engaging and accessible ways.

Project Roadmap

April 2020
Confirmation of successful bid from the Office for Students and Research England

Project placed on hold due to COVID-19
June 2021
Appointment of:

Zoe Dann

Peter Hooley

Catherine Mcnamara

Peter Wainwright

First Student Stakeholder meeting

First Academic Stakeholder meeting
July 2021
Appointment of Senior Research Fellow

Appointment of Digital Developer

CSCB Team meeting - In Person - team workshop
August 2021
Senior Research Fellow appointment commenced
September 2021
Digital Developer appointment commenced

Platform evaluation for the toolkit

CSCB project logo designed

Comms plan developed

Academic Stakeholder meeting - Research team update
October 2021
CSCB Website Design commenced

Meeting with Birmingham and Keel university

Research Team complete and submit Ethical Opinion Form

Exploration of Content Management System for tools

CSCB Website Development in progress

First workshop with Student Stakeholders
November 2021
Follow up meeting with Birmingham and Keel university

CSCB Website Development - tool template

Dissemination Event Planning (session 1)

Academic Stakeholder meeting - Update form the PRactise Improvement and Toolkit team.
December 2021
Blog Page Added to Website

Projects Page added to Website

Follow up meeting with Birmingham and Keel university

Continued website development - tool template

Academic Stakeholder meeting - Update form the Research Team.

Research interviews begin
January 2022
Appointment of Simona Panaro into the role of Senior Research Fellow

Appointment of Alexandra Russell into the role of
Senior Research Fellow

Collaborative meeting with Birmingham and Keel University (3rd meeting)

Website Development - finalising tool template

Purchase of www.seketoolkit.com

Media Production - test recording of tool intro videos

Academic Stakeholder Meeting - Tool Activity development session

Dissemination Event Planning (Session 2)

February 2022

Completions of Research Interviews

Tool Testing (round 1)

Website Testing

Academic Stakehodler Meeting